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My doctor told me I could still use this even though it is expired, is it safe?

Alcon products expire on the last day of the month of the expiration date.

How do I use SYSTANE® Lid Wipes?

The directions for using SYSTANE® Lid Wipes are located on the side of the carton:

1. Rub the closed lid wipe pouch to develop lather, then open.

2. Close eye, then sweep lid wipe gently across eyelid several times. 

3. Using a fresh wipe, repeat process on the other eye. 

4. Rinse both eyes with clean, warm water and pat dry.

Why do I have to shake the bottle of SYSTANE® BALANCE?

SYSTANE® BALANCE contains ingredients that may separate while stored. Failure to shake prior to use may result in a non-uniform mix of the ingredients.

How many times a day can I use my SYSTANE® BALANCE Lubricant Eye Drops?

You can use it as needed. We recommend 1-2 drops per eye per use.

Do I need to refrigerate my SYSTANE® products?

No. SYSTANE® products can be stored at room temperature.

Does it expire at the beginning of the month or the end of the month?

Alcon products expire on the last day of the month of the expiration date.

I don’t understand the product expiration date listed on my product.

We use international dating, so the year comes first, then the month. For example, if your product expires on 2019/09, that means that it expires on the last day of September of 2019.

Can I use my SYSTANE® after it has expired?

No, we do not recommend using our products after they expire.


Is SYSTANE® BALANCE Preservative-Free?

No, at this time, SYSTANE® BALANCE is not preservative free. SYSTANE® BALANCE contains a preservative called POLYQUAD®

Does SYSTANE® BALANCE have gluten?

No, SYSTANE® BALANCE does not contain gluten.

Is SYSTANE® BALANCE supposed to be milky white?

Yes. SYSTANE® BALANCE contains mineral oil and phospholipids as inactive ingredients that give SYSTANE® BALANCE its milky white appearance. Shake before use.


Is there a special way I need to dispose of the SYSTANE® ULTRA Preservative-Free vials?

The vial should be thrown away after one use. Normal disposal is fine.

Why can’t I put the cap back on the SYSTANE® ULTRA Preservative-Free vials?

The vial was designed specifically for one time use, therefore there is no need to replace the cap.

Why is there so much product in the SYSTANE® ULTRA Preservative-Free vial if it is intended for one use?

We try to meet the needs of all consumers. We have added enough product to the vial for those consumers who might miss their eye while applying the medication.

Why do I have to discard the balance of the SYSTANE® ULTRA Preservative-Free vial after one use?

After opening the vial of our Preservative-Free product, the risk for product contamination increases.

What preservative is in SYSTANE® ULTRA Preservative-Free?

SYSTANE® ULTRA Preservative-Free does not contain preservatives.

Is SYSTANE® ULTRA available in Preservative-Free formula?

Yes, SYSTANE® ULTRA is available in a preservative-free formula.


Does SYSTANE® COMPLETE address all major types of dry eye (aqueous deficient, evaporative/lipid deficient, or mixed)?


What are the main benefits of SYSTANE® COMPLETE?

SYSTANE® COMPLETE features nano-droplet technology. Tiny, nano-sized droplets form a matrix of protection across the entire eye surface. SYSTANE® COMPLETE delivers optimal dry eye relief, and provides fast hydration and evaporation protection.

What’s the difference between SYSTANE® BALANCE and SYSTANE® COMPLETE?

SYSTANE® BALANCE helps restore your eyes’ lipid layer by replenishing essential moisture to the eye for fast hydration. SYSTANE® COMPLETE, with nano-droplet technology forms a matrix of protection across the entire eye surface for fast hydration and evaporation protection.

What are the benefits of the nano-droplet technology in SYSTANE® COMPLETE?

Nano-droplet technology features the rapid delivery of this soothing drop over the entire eye surface—resulting in better coverage verses SYSTANE® BALANCE. It provides fast hydration, evaporation protection and long-lasting relief.

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