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AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM Multifocal contact lenses give your consumers outstanding comfort – just like wearing their favourite pair of jeans.

Clear, consistent vision for presbyopic consumers

Help your consumers achieve clear vision at every distance with the PRECISION PROFILE Design.1-3‡

  • A smooth power progression across the lens provides continuous vision.
  • Unique optical zone is optimized for a wide range of pupil sizes.4
  • Up to 96% fit success with the lens selection process for Alcon Multifocal
    contact lenses.5,6‡‡

AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM Multifocal contact lenses feature two unique comfort technologies.

Smartshield™ Technology

creates a barrier against deposit buildup, keeping the lens cleaner longer.7,8†

HydraGlyde™ Moisture Matrix

surrounds the lens in long-lasting moisture for all-day comfort.8,9 Enjoy surface hydration that lasts for up to 16 hours each day.9††

Give your presbyopic consumers the
HydraGlydeTM advantage

Combine AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM Multifocal contact lenses with a HydraGlydeTM lens care solution for even more comfortable wear time.

3 MORE hours

OF COMFORTABLE WEAR TIME1,10-11††,‡ with Alcon’s hydrogen peroxide solution.

2 MORE hours

OF COMFORTABLE WEAR TIME1,10-11††,‡ with Alcon’s multipurpose solution.

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