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AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM for Astigmatism monthly contact lenses provide clear vision 1* and outstanding comfort all day, every day 2,3**  – just like wearing your favourite pair of jeans.

Struggling with fuzzy, blurry vision?

Use this simple test to find out if you might have astigmatism.

1. If you wear glasses, remove them.

2. Cover one eye.

3. Gradually increase your distance from the image until the lines start to get blurry.

If some of the lines appear darker than others, you may have astigmatism.

Try this test on both eyes and consult your eye care professional for more information.

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common condition caused by a slight difference in the shape of your eye. It results in blurred vision at all distances, but to see clearly, glasses aren’t your only option.

AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM for Astigmatism monthly contact lenses feature a special design that accommodates the unique shape of your eye, giving you clear vision.1* Plus, you’ll enjoy outstanding comfort 2,3the same comfort you get when you wear your favorite pair of jeans.

Enjoy lasting comfort all day, every day

AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM for Astigmatism contact lenses feature two unique
comfort technologies.

Smartshield™ Technology

Creates a barrier against deposit buildup, keeping the lens cleaner for longer. 4,5†

HydraGlydeTM Moisture Matrix

Helps provide lens surface hydration that lasts all day, every day.6,7

Enjoy consistent comfort all month long.2,3**

Get stable vision within the first 30 seconds of wear.8*

Experience stable vision every time you blink.1*

Extend your contact lens wear time

For extra hours of comfort, combine AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM for Astigmatism contact lenses with a HydraGlydeTM lens care solution.

3 MORE hours

OF COMFORTABLE WEAR TIME9-11††,‡ with Alcon’s hydrogen peroxide solution.

2 MORE hours

OF COMFORTABLE WEAR TIME9-11††,‡ with Alcon’s multipurpose solution.

Don’t let Astigmatism slow you down

Choose AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM for Astigmatism contact lenses
for clear vision and lasting comfort.2,3

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Terms of Use


*Based on clinical studies with AIR OPTIXTM for Astigmatism contact lenses.
**Based on clinical studies with AIR OPTIXTM AQUA sphere contact lenses.
†Based on clinical studies with AIR OPTIXTM AQUA contact lenses
††Among symptomatic lens wearers, those who at baseline experienced end-of-day discomfort or had to remove their lenses earlier than they wished.
‡In separate studies, AIR OPTIXTM AQUA contact lenses were tested with habitual multipurpose solution followed by 30 days of use with either OPTI-FREETM PureMoistTM Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution or AOSEPTTM PLUS with HydraGlydeTM Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution. In both studies, comfortable wear time with habitual multipurpose solution was measured at baseline, and with study solution at Day 30.
‡‡Eye exam may be required. Professional fees may apply.
^Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
AOSEPTTM is a trademark of American Optical.
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