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How to apply contact lenses

With clean, dry hands, place the contact lens on the tip of your forefinger.

Pull down the lower eyelid with the middle or ring finger of the same hand. Then use your other hand to hold the upper eyelid firmly open.

Look directly at the contact lens or in a mirror and place the lens directly on the centre of your eye.

After positioning the contact lens, slowly let go of the lower than the upper eyelid, blink, and the contact lens should be centred on your eye.

How to remove contact lenses

With your eyes open, look up. Use one hand to hold the upper eyelid firmly open.

Use the middle finger on your other hand to hold down the lower eyelid. Using your forefinger of the same hand, slide the contact lens to the lower part of the eye.

Gently pinch the contact lens between thumb and forefinger.

Remove the contact lens.

Follow the instructions of your lens care solution and store contact lenses in the lens case with fresh contact lens solution.

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