Extend your contact lens wear time

For extra hours of comfort, combine AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM contact lenses with a HydraGlydeTM lens care solution.

AOSEPT®️ PLUS formulated with HydraGlydeTM

Our next level of lens care.

• Exclusive HydraGlydeTM technology for long-lasting moisture1
• Unsurpassed disinfection2
• Preservative-free to be more like natural tears

Introduce your patients to AOSEPT®️ PLUS with HydraGlydeTM formulated with the same powerful cleaning and unsurpassed disinfection2,3 of AOSEPT®️ PLUS – and now with our exclusive HydraGlydeTM Moisture Matrix to provide soft lenses with long-lasting moisture.1

This is why recommending the right multipurpose solution can make the difference to your contact lens wearers

  • Discomfort and dryness are the most common reasons why contact lens wearers drop out.4,5
  • 70% of contact lens wearers don’t rub and rinse every day,6 for this reason using the correct lens care is even more important.

OPTI-FREETM PureMoistTM features HydraGlydeTM Moisture Matrix and is clinically proven to provide 16 hours of moisture4-7 – so lenses stay comfortable from morning until night7,11,12

The OPTI-FREETM family with Polyquad/Aldox dual disinfection system passes the ISO/FDA STAND ALONE TEST making it reliable especially for patients who are not compliant!

the ideal multipurpose solution for:

People who wear their lenses all day long

Wearers who experience end-of-day dryness

AIR OPTIXTM plus HydraGlydeTM wearers

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Near/Far Sighted



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