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They’ll get lost in my eye and travel into my brain.

Physically impossible. A terrifying thought for sure. But totally impossible.

They will just spontaneously pop out.

Nope. Even when playing sport or doing something active they shouldn’t just fallout. At most, they may move slightly out of place. Blinking or massaging your eyelid should sort that.

They’re uncomfortable.

Not these babies. PRECISION1™ lenses use SMARTSURFACE Technology,designed to provide a comfortable wearing experience.

They’re difficult to maintain.

These are daily disposable lenses. Simply use a fresh pair each day and discard them when you’re done.

They can get permanently stuck.

They won’t get stuck but remember to remove them before you go to sleep.

They can melt onto your eyes.

Possibly, if you’re diving face first into a volcano. Otherwise you’ll be fine.

They’ll stop you crying when cutting onions.

This one is actually true. Onions away. (P.S. Just remember to buy breath mints.)


See instructions for use for complete wear, care, and safety information.

* Eye exam maybe required. Professional fees may apply. 1Cummings S. et al. Clinical Performance of a New Daily Disposable Spherical Contact Lens, AAOpt Poster October 2019. 2Grant T. New contact lens wearers and practitioners have high patient satisfaction with a novel SmartSurface technology daily disposable contact lenses. ICCLC poster 2019.