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Are your customers silently struggling with discomfort?

Comfort issues are a common problem among contact lens wearers, but they may not be telling you about it.3.4

Did you know that among symptomatic wearers:


of contact lens wearers experiencing dryness did not mention it at their eye exam4


of those experiencing end-of-day discomfort did not report it to their eye care professional4*


of contact lens wearers experiencing eye irritation did not mention it during their visit4*

Contact lens wearers believe discomfort is normal, and blame it on the
environment, tired eyes, long days . . . everything but their contact lenses5

 *Among contact lens wearers who bought a new supply of the same brand of contact lenses at last eye exam.

More than just a contact lens

Only DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses combine exclusive Water Gradient material with proprietary SmarTears™ technology,
so contact lens wearers feel like they’re wearing no lens at all.2

increases water content near
the lens surface, so all that
touches the wearer’s eye is
a cushion of moisture1


intuitively releases phosphatidylcholine (PC),
a natural ingredient designed to stabilize the tear film to prevent tear evaporation.6

A design in harmony with the eye

The unique Water Gradient lens material, exclusive to DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses, is designed to work with wearers’ eyes

Water gradient material

Gentle cushion of moisture
• 10x softer than other contact lenses7*
• Outstanding lubricity that lasts as long
as their day, up to 16 hours8-10
A surface that matches the eye’s surface
• Over 80% water, approaching 100% at the
   outermost surface11
• Highly biocompatible lens-wearing
Low 33% water content at the core12
• The highest breathability of any daily disposable
contact lens available

*Compared to 1-DAY Etafilcon A, 1-DAY Narafilcon A, Nesofilcon A, and DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses.

**In vitro measurement of unworn lenses.

†Based on published manufacturer-provided Dk and thickness values in: Tyler’s Quarterly Soft Contact Lens Parameter Guide. June 2016.

^Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

A smart complement to natural tears

SmarTears™ technology is designed to actively stabilize the tear film
by releasing an ingredient found in natural tears when needed.6

SmarTears™ Technology

Releases phosphatidylcholine (PC),
an ingredient found in natural tears
when needed5,6,7

Stabilises the tear film to provide continuous moisture throughout the day13

Helps relieve contact lens dryness by restoring the lipid layer and improves visual performance14

Feel nothing

DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses feel as comfortable at the end of the day as they do at the beginning.16

Superior comfort14

*Percentage of wearers agreeing with the statement “With these lenses, I sometimes forget I have them on.”
††Based on the percentage of wearers agreeing with the statement, “My lenses feel dry at the end of the day.”

Addressing discomfort takes a different kind of contact lens

Get the conversation started with three simple questions

How do your contact lenses feel immediately after you first put them in?

How do they feel just before you take them out?

Do you use contact lens rewetting drops, and if so, how often?

Upgrade your contact lens wearers

DAILES TOTAL1® contact lenses are designed for outstanding comfort
and clear vision.16,7,13,14 With the exclusive Water Gradient material and innovative SmarTears™ technology, wearers feel no lens at all.1,2



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